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Plastic Free Party Decorations

I have been looking for some plastic free party decorations that are cheap and easy to make and have stumbled across some brilliant tissue paper pom poms which more than match up to balloons and are very simple to make.

So, if you are looking to avoid balloons and want to add a bit of colour to your party then give these a go, you won’t regret it.


1. Get 8 pieces of tissue paper and align them on top of each other. The method I was following suggested using pieces sized 20 by 30 inches. However, I had some sheets that I had previously cut in half for a different project which were slightly larger and these seemed to work fine.

2. Fold the tissue paper in an accordion fold with each fold being 1/2 inch wide. If you are like me and have no idea what an accordion fold is, it basically involves making one fold and then turning the tissue paper over and making a fold on the opposite side. You keep folding on alternate sides until all of the tissue paper is folded.

3.  Tie a length of wool around the middle of the folded strip of tissue paper ensuring it is long enough to hang your pom pom once it is finished.

4. Cut each end of the folded tissue paper into a rounded edge or triangle edge. I preferred the rounded edge but you can experiment with both.

5. Gently pull out each individual layer of tissue paper from the middle until you get the desired pom pom shape.

6. Hang the pom pom from the length of wool, either hanging it individually or bunching it together with some other pom poms to make a bit more of an impact.


It is fun to experiment, trying different colours and using a slightly wider fold to see which style you prefer.

The best thing about these pom poms is that they seem to look good even if you mix it up a bit.


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4 thoughts on “Tissue Paper Pom Poms”

    1. Thank you. They are really easy to make. Planning to do some more for my son’s birthday but maybe in less girly colours or else he won’t be happy…!

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