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With festival season in full swing many of us will be preparing to go and sample the delights that the UK festival scene has to offer. Whether you are going with friends or as a family it is easy to reduce the amount of single use plastics which you use whilst out partying. All it takes is a bit of thought beforehand when you are packing.

How to Reduce Your Plastic Waste at a Festival

We went to our first festival as a family last weekend and now that we have returned, crusted in dirt, glitter and smelling slightly ripe, I wanted to share with you what worked for us.

I am not going to pretend that we didn’t generate any plastic waste but we certainly produced a lot less than usual. This was achieved without spending any extra money but just by putting a little thought into what I packed as I got the family ready for some festival fun.

10 Top Tips

1. Pack your reusable coffee cups for when you need a caffeine hit after a day of too much cider – The coffee outlets were more then happy to fill our reusable cups and I just gave them a quick rinse out using the drinking water taps.

2. Pack your water bottles and drinks bottles for the kids – There are loads of drinking water taps around the festival for all of the campers to use and by taking your own water bottle you can save money by making up kids drinks each day as well.

3. Take some flannels so that you don’t need to buy wet wipes as part of the daily ‘wash’ routine – I packed 4 flannels, one for faces/hands and one for bodies on each of the days we camped. I then used warm water from the kettle and it was a million times nicer then a wet wipe wash with the added bonus of no waste.

4. Use biodegradable glitter for any body/face decorations – I know there is a fair bit of debate at the moment about biodegradable glitter but they are certainly a step in the right direction even if it isn’t the full solution. I get mine from EcoStardust and it looked amazing at the festival. We had loads of compliments on our sparkle power.

5. Set up a bag for recycling at your tent and take it home with you when you leave, ready to put out with your household recycling – The festival we went to didn’t have any recycling points so this simple system substantially reduced the amount of rubbish we threw away.

6. We all love the food delights that festivals have to offer but try and pick vendors who use non-plastic containers for their tasty treats – The Thai noodles that I bought came in a cardboard takeout box and my churros was simply wrapped in paper.

7. Try to save your beer cup for reuse – Before I went to the festival I emailed the organisers to see if the bar would put my alcoholic beverage in a stainless steel pint cup. I didn’t hear back and decided not to spend £10 on a pint cup which I might not be able to use. Luckily the festival had a cup scheme where you paid £1 for your pint cup and kept it for the festival. It is a sturdy cup so we have brought it home with us and put it in with the camping box for future use.

8. Take some of your own food with you – This saves you money and reduces the waste associated with buying from the stall holders, especially if you pack your beeswax wraps for your sandwiches and take a lunchbox to stop everything getting squished.

9. Took your own cutlery to avoid plastic knives, forks and spoons.

10. Take a rucksack and a cloth bag into the site each day to carry your coffee cups, drinks bottles and munchies. The cloth bag will come in handy if you are tempted to buy anything at one of the stalls.

Putting a little thought into it and packing the right stuff can mean that you can sample all of the delights the festival has to offer without piling up a huge amount of rubbish along the way.

Happy Festival Season!

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14 thoughts on “Plastic Free Festivals”

  1. This is such an excellent post! Plastic waste at a festival isn’t even something I’ve thought of before but now I’m thinking about it, there’s so much. It doesn’t help that a lot of places are lacking in facilities to help reduce it. I love the tip about the flannels x


  2. Great tips! Knowing just how much plastic we are generating and consuming these days is mind boggling. we should all do our part in restoring nature just the way it was before we destroyed it.

    1. Thank you. I think once you start thinking about the plastics issue a bit it becomes quite easy to make small changes 😊

  3. I think reusable coffee cups and plastic bottles in particular are something we should be carrying around with us more often, whether we are at a festival or not! It’s something so simple, but would make a difference if we all do our bit!
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Yes, definitely. I’m not the most organised so I have had to train myself to remember to pack them each day but it has the added benefit of meaning I drink more water as well. Thank you for reading my post. 😊

  4. These are such great tips. I’m not a festival goer (never have been) but of course there’s other areas of my life where I could certainly use this advice and cut down on plastic. There’s been so much talk around this topic at the moment, which is amazing and so important. Also, I never knew biodegradable glitter existed!

    1. Neither did I until recently. It is a bit more expensive but well worth it. Yes, a lot of these are transferable, especially the water bottle and reusable coffee cups. Thank you for reading 😊

  5. I love this post! It’s so important for everyone to try as hard as they can to help the earth, re usable straws and cups and things are the best! Thank you for spreading tips on how to help doing this during festival season!

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