Natural Toilet Cleaner

Now it is the turn of the natural toilet cleaner; the one cleaning product that I have put off until I had well and truly run out of excuses. The old commercial toilet cleaner finally ran out and I had promised myself that I wouldn’t buy another one. So, this was it, the final step in becoming 100 % natural on my cleaning products!

Having already switched my other cleaning products to natural alternatives months ago I had procrastinated for long enough about the toilet cleaner, however, there was a part of me that just wasn’t convinced.

Toilet Bombs

I initially tried making my own toilet bombs but with limited success. They smelt amazing but I couldn’t seem to get enough fizz to satisfy my need for  visible cleaning action. I am still experimenting with the recipe and plan to return to this once I have perfected it.  I think with a bit more tweaking of the bicarbonate of soda and citric acid ratios, with possibly some hydrogen peroxide thrown in for good measure, I will be able to put a bit more fizz back into my bomb!

However, amongst all of the fun of experimenting with chemical reactions and silicone moulds, I still had the original problem of needing to clean my toilet so I resorted to my new book acquisition ‘The Organically Clean Home’ for an alternative recipe.

The following method is based on one contained within this book but I have modified it slightly. This is primarily due to my ineptness at converting cups to grams but also because of my need for fizz. Hopefully as I get to trust the cleaner a bit more I will calm down on this front.

Disinfecting Toilet Bowl Cleaner


90g Bicarbonate of Soda

150ml White Vinegar

10 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil



Mix the bicarbonate of soda with the essential oil so that it is ready to go.




Pour the bicarbonate of soda and the white vinegar into the toilet and leave it to react for up to 15 minutes before scrubbing with the toilet brush and flushing.


The end result will be a beautifully clean toilet and a lovely, fresh and natural smell. I was convinced by the smell alone and I can safely say that our toilet has never been so clean after all of this experimenting.

Extra Information

  1. I don’t tend to measure the white vinegar when I pour it into the toilet. I now buy it in bulk to reduce plastic waste so I just pour a glug in until I get the required fizz. I am not advocating this approach as I am sure I use too much white vinegar.
  2. Use white vinegar or the anti-bacterial spray to clean the toilet seat and outside of the toilet bowl.

I am planning to revisit this post once I have fine-tuned my toilet bombs so that I can share the recipe. In the meantime, I think I may change the terminology that I have been using as I think #toiletbomb may have other connotations…!


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