Natural Deodorants – Product Review

Natural Deodorants

I have only tried two products so far which are made from natural ingredients or a mix of natural and safe synthetics but in response to my earlier post about switching to a natural deodorant I had several recommendations from readers so make sure you check those out as well.

The Lemongrass and Lavender Roll-on Deodorant from Amphora Aromatics

This was the product that I first used when I was going through the detox phase. I really enjoyed the subtle smell of this deodorant. It sounds strange but it was great after years of using an antiperspirant to rediscover my natural body scent; the nice smelling one, not the stinky one! The only downside was that I did find I occasionally had to reapply during the day and as this was at the height of my BO paranoia I decided to try a different product on a recommendation from a friend. However, this is my husband’s preferred deodorant which he now uses and it is completely natural.

Aromaco from Lush

This is the product that I currently use as I like the solid bar, I don’t need to reapply during the day and it lasts for a long time making it comparable in cost to my previous antiperspirant. I would prefer a more subtle scent and one made with all natural ingredients (this product does contain some safe synthetics) but I am trying not to be too hard on myself – one step at a time and all that.

Ultimately I want to move to a completely natural deodorant that works for me so the next step is to try and make my own – I’ll let you know the outcome…..

8 thoughts on “Natural Deodorants – Product Review”

  1. I meant to say. The other deodorant I use is a natural crystal that you wet and use. It’s more an antiperspirant as I think it tackles bacteria rather than provide aroma. Did you mention those?

    1. Hi Lynn, I’ll add that to the list to explore – thank you. It would still be a deodorant as it isn’t stopping your body from sweating. Instead, it targets the bacteria which cause the odour.

    1. I know what you mean – it can be a tad over powering. The deodorant bar isn’t as strong smelling as a lot of their products. My favourite is the face serum bar which is completely natural and no scent.

  2. I had been thinking about using natural deodorant for a while, but after reading your blog it gave me the kick up the bum I needed. I’ve started using ‘The Clay Cure’ which has a nice subtle minty aroma, it took about a week for my body to get used to it but now I love it. Definitely not going back to spray deodorant. I’m even wearing it in +30 degree heat and it’s still working!

    1. Brilliant, well done and thanks for sharing. I’ll have to add that one to the list people have tried and found work. Certainly a good way to test it by going somewhere hot!

  3. Brilliant piece on deodrants! Have you tried Salt of the Earth? Me and husband both use and would never return to any other. It’s a stick of some type of salt, works best on damp skin and lasts forever! Have had one stick for 5 months now!! Only £5 as well!
    Keep up the good work Lisa:)

    1. Another person has recommended Salt of the Earth as well – mine is almost run out so I might give it a whirl. Where do you buy it?

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