About Me

So, the question on everyone’s lips. Who on earth are Kirk & Bert?

Well to cut a long story short the name represents my husband and I.

The origins of the name stem from a long ago, almost forgotten time when we were carefree, travelling and our most pressing concern was who was going to lose the latest game of shithead and have to do the washing up.

Two children, various pets and a house later we are still short of cash, have been beaten down by cancer but are still dreaming of future adventures.

Why write a Blog?

I realise that I am at least ten years behind on the whole blog revolution but we like to do things ‘dreckly’ down here in Cornwall so I won’t apologise for being late to the party.

My main motivation for writing this blog can be found here. I want the blog to be a real account of my experiences as I have found moving towards organic products and a chemical free home  challenging at times and I have made many mistakes along the way. I plan to share the good, the bad and the foolish in the hope of making the journey smoother for others.