Essential Oils – Product Review

Energise Aromatherapy Blend

I was really pleased when Amphora Aromatics asked me to review one of their new aromatherapy blends, primarily because I have become slightly obsessed about finding a natural air freshener that works (see earlier post on natural air fresheners). The oil burner is by far my favourite, especially using this aromatherapy blend.

I was already a fan of their essential oils from when I lived in Bristol but I was still a bit dubious that an aromatherapy blend could change my mood, especially as I have never used an oil burner before.

I lit the oil burner using the Energise blend after dinner. It had been a long day of work and crazy children and I couldn’t wait to collapse on the sofa, watching mindless telly. You know the sort of day I mean!

Literally ten minutes after lighting the oil burner my head fog started to lift. I am not trying to claim I felt energised enough to go out and start running around the block but I definitely felt better.

The blend itself includes Lime, Peppermint and Lemongrass, balanced with Geranium, Cypress and Cedarwood. For me, the strongest scent was the Lemongrass which was lovely.

I am now looking forward to trying some of Amphora Aromatics other new aromatherapy blends.


3 thoughts on “Essential Oils – Product Review”

  1. I’m looking at a natural alternative. Do you still use these essential oils?Also Can you recommend any natural tea lights?

    1. Hi, yes I love these essential oils. They smell amazing. For natural tea lights I would just go for 100% beeswax but you can also get ones made out of soy wax. Just make sure any scent used to fragrance them is natural too.

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