Why I am Going to Win ‘Best Allotment’ This Year!

If you took a look at my allotment a mere week ago you would think that it was an overgrown piece of scrubland. The collapsed shed waiting to be put up, the pile of sleepers waiting to be turned into raised beds and the fruit trees trying to poke their heads above the surrounding weeds just add to the air of neglect.

Move forward a week and you would still think that it was being managed by allotment wannabes who would be lucky to grow a potato let alone manage a plot of lovely organic veg which will keep them stocked up for a good part of the year. Yes, the weeds have been strimmed back and the sleepers have been put into position but the beds are still not dug over, let alone any seeds purchased. I, however am determined that this year is the year of the allotment and our plot will no longer be the embarrassment of the site.

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The Organic Veg Conundrum

Organic Veg, Kale, Plastics and the Allotment!

I have been thinking about signing up to an organic veg box scheme for a very long time but there is one thing putting me off – KALE… It may be a super food but no amount of ‘super’ is going to make it palatable to my uncultured taste buds. Even when it is hidden away in soup it is a no-go for me which creates a very British stumbling block to signing up to a veg box scheme as everyone I know who gets a veg box says you end up with loads of kale during the winter months.

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