Plastic Free Festivals

With festival season in full swing many of us will be preparing to go and sample the delights that the UK festival scene has to offer. Whether you are going with friends or as a family it is easy to reduce the amount of single use plastics which you use whilst out partying. All it takes is a bit of thought beforehand when you are packing.

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Natural Ways to Control Slugs and Snails

The Great Slug Debacle

Those of you who follow me on social media will know that I have been experimenting with non-toxic ways to protect my flowers and allotment seedlings from slugs and snails. It has become something of an obsession which now finds me prowling the garden each night with a torch.

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A Natural Wash – The Story Continues

When I started writing this post it was to ‘hang my head in shame’ and admit that my DIY washing liquid was not all that it was cracked up to be. It seemed to be alright on lightly soiled clothing but when it came to the whites, they were becoming greyer with every wash.

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Guest Post – Eating Healthily on a Budget

Today’s post comes courtesy of Nicola, a health and fitness enthusiast from London. Nicola is the founder of Nics Healthy Life and has kindly agreed to share some tips on how to eat healthily on a budget.

This post is very timely for me as trying to change my eating habits without blowing the bank balance is one of the things that I struggle with and I sometimes find the costs of healthy alternatives prohibitive. It looks like that excuse will have to go though following Nicola’s tips.

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A Natural Wash

Making Your Own Washing Liquid

 I have been experimenting with making my own washing liquid, dishwashing liquid and dishwasher tabs for a few weeks now with varying levels of success. The washing liquid was the last of these that I tried but by far the easiest so it seems only right that I share this recipe first.

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Natural Beauty Products

I have not given much time to toiletry and beauty products so far in the blog which seems strange as this is one of the easiest ways that you can reduce your exposure to synthetic chemicals. It is also one of the first areas that I tried to tackle but due to the complexities of trying to decipher all of the chemical names it is also one that I am still trying to get to grips with.  I have already shared the first changes that I made in my posts on switching to natural deodorant and using coconut oil as a beauty product but there are a huge array of other products which we routinely use for our skincare, bathing and make-up and I wanted to share some of the simple philosophies which I now follow when choosing my products.

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How to Polish a Rusty Tool the Natural Way

Martin likes to collect things, squirrelling them away for many a year before finally finding a use for them. It used to drive me mad when we were renting houses and moving around a lot, especially the array of water sport,s and climbing gear that we never quite had enough room for.

Over the years this ‘collecting’ has extended to tools as well. We have never had much spare money so when it came to buying tools Martin would either buy them second hand or end up purchasing something cheap from the shop which inevitably wasn’t quite up to the job. Amongst these purchases were some very rusty tools, probably a rummaged prize from someone’s garage that I am sure I was very vocal about at the time. I guess after years of my complaining it was probably time for him to prove me wrong and to do it in style by using a natural cleaning recipe to give those rusty tools a new lease of life; don’t worry the irony hasn’t been lost on me!

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Why I am Going to Win ‘Best Allotment’ This Year!

If you took a look at my allotment a mere week ago you would think that it was an overgrown piece of scrubland. The collapsed shed waiting to be put up, the pile of sleepers waiting to be turned into raised beds and the fruit trees trying to poke their heads above the surrounding weeds just add to the air of neglect.

Move forward a week and you would still think that it was being managed by allotment wannabes who would be lucky to grow a potato let alone manage a plot of lovely organic veg which will keep them stocked up for a good part of the year. Yes, the weeds have been strimmed back and the sleepers have been put into position but the beds are still not dug over, let alone any seeds purchased. I, however am determined that this year is the year of the allotment and our plot will no longer be the embarrassment of the site.

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The Organic Veg Conundrum

Organic Veg, Kale, Plastics and the Allotment!

I have been thinking about signing up to an organic veg box scheme for a very long time but there is one thing putting me off – KALE… It may be a super food but no amount of ‘super’ is going to make it palatable to my uncultured taste buds. Even when it is hidden away in soup it is a no-go for me which creates a very British stumbling block to signing up to a veg box scheme as everyone I know who gets a veg box says you end up with loads of kale during the winter months.

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