Guest Post – Eating Healthily on a Budget

Today’s post comes courtesy of Nicola, a health and fitness enthusiast from London. Nicola is the founder of Nics Healthy Life and has kindly agreed to share some tips on how to eat healthily on a budget.

This post is very timely for me as trying to change my eating habits without blowing the bank balance is one of the things that I struggle with and I sometimes find the costs of healthy alternatives prohibitive. It looks like that excuse will have to go though following Nicola’s tips.

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A Natural Wash

Making Your Own Washing Liquid

 I have been experimenting with making my own washing liquid, dishwashing liquid and dishwasher tabs for a few weeks now with varying levels of success. The washing liquid was the last of these that I tried but by far the easiest so it seems only right that I share this recipe first.

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Natural Beauty Products

I have not given much time to toiletry and beauty products so far in the blog which seems strange as this is one of the easiest ways that you can reduce your exposure to synthetic chemicals. It is also one of the first areas that I tried to tackle but due to the complexities of trying to decipher all of the chemical names it is also one that I am still trying to get to grips with.  I have already shared the first changes that I made in my posts on switching to natural deodorant and using coconut oil as a beauty product but there are a huge array of other products which we routinely use for our skincare, bathing and make-up and I wanted to share some of the simple philosophies which I now follow when choosing my products.

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